Talk Show Host by Harley Haskett
Talk Show Host by Harley Haskett


Talk Show Host is an indie punk trio from Toronto, Canada. The band has been playing together since 2015 and has two EPs under their belt. Their 2016 release, Perfectly Competent, earned a 7/10 review from Exclaim! magazine and drew comparisons to Green Day, Against Me! and Bob Mould.



“Perfectly Competent is a tight second second instalment (…) that reverberates through other punk/rock favourites like Against Me! and early Green Day.“ 7/10


“A band you need to hear“

Less Blog More Rock

“Putting out an original pop punk album that doesn’t sound derivative of something released by another band 20 years ago is no easy feat. But, Talk Show Host has done just that.”

Punkanormal Activity

“Not Here To Make Friends, is undeniably catchy pop punk. I got more replay value out of these 5 songs than most punk records I’ve bought as of late. (…) I thought I would look into the band and find they had ten thousand likes, and a deal with Fat Wreck, and that I had been sleeping on them for years. This time I was spared the guilt of my ignorance, but that level of popularity is where Talk Show Host are headed.”

Ottawa Citizen

“This Toronto indie-punk band is the baby Green Day and Weezer might have had if they had made it through marital counselling“

102.1 the Edge

“The EPs are packed with energetic pop-punk inspired sounds and tonnes of energy.“

“Catchy as anything, “Perfectly Competent” occupies a perfect middle ground between melodic radio friendly tunes and honest punk rockin’ and proves the band continue developing. Great record.“

Dying Scene

“These Talk Show Hosts know what’s up! Upbeat, down low, pop punk goodness for you folks to stream.“

Power of Pop

“This 4-track EP deserves the attention of every classic punk rockin’ lover out there!“


“Like the pop punk of Green Day? Then enjoy this fast paced band from Toronto“

92.7 Rock

“The Pop Spectrum Of Punk – Under The Radar“


“Calling them “Perfectly Competent” is a bit of an understatement.“ 7/10

Ride the tempo

“A more upbeat and poppy version of Nirvana. Well, musically upbeat anyway.“


Talk Show Host By Harley Haskett
Talk Show Host By Harley Haskett
talk show host by harley haskett
Talk Show Host By Harley Haskett
talk show host by harley haskett
Talk Show Host By Harley Haskett
Talk Show Host - Martin Blondeau
Talk Show Host By Martin Blondeau