20th of May 2019 04:28 PM
OMGOMGOMG this is next week! May 31st at the Monarch! Perhaps we will have recovered from Pouzza by then? (probably nope)
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19th of May 2019 01:28 AM
anyway here’s fab at pouzza
19th of May 2019 12:08 AM
One of the best bands we’ve seen at pouzza! LONE WOLF are amazing!! “Is” amazing? Which one is grammatically correct? Actually I don’t even care cuz I’ve got like four of their songs stuck in my head ok
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18th of May 2019 03:53 PM
hi can we talk about how this remains probably our most popular post ever
17th of May 2019 11:13 PM
We might not be playing @pouzzafest this year but our #1 fan Matt, the most lovablest man in punk rock, still thinks we are cool. We love you, Matt!!
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8th of May 2019 02:25 PM
OMG WHAT IS UP, FELLOW MILLENNIALS? Our digital worth has seen an uptick recently thanks to some playlist curators with hella good friggin’ taste. Big thanks to High Road Publicity, Cam from The Bare Minimum & PaigeBackstage for the listluv! It means a lot to us three dorks, y’all.
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3rd of May 2019 08:38 PM
Tonight we build a brand new setlist for our show at the Monarch on May 31st. Bandcat Maila knows we have a lot of work to do but she assures me that we are gonna do just great, because the act of creation is its own reward. Deep stuff for a weird sentient marshmallow!
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30th of April 2019 11:30 PM
30th of April 2019 05:34 PM
In which bandcat Maila inspects the elements for the Bad Buzz show poster and ultimately signs off. Thanks Maila! You are a sentient marshmallow btw
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26th of March 2019 06:28 PM
HALLO! It's Tuesday. Fab said I should do a Band Appreciation post on Tuesdays, because the internet could obviously use some more Opinions™ on it.

Sabrina is Not in This Chat is a band from my favourite city in the world, Los Angeles, and they sound like they'd have landed perfectly on a dream bill sandwiched between Minutemen & Fugazi. They released their debut full-length, "Not Recommended for Sensitive Skin," back in January and it's one of those records that'll make wannabe musicians like us super jealous over how friggin' weird and original it is. Liquid tempos, nightmarish, angular riffs and that rhythm section, my gawd. I snapped it up on bandcamp about three tracks in.
4th of December 2018 02:51 AM
Um ok so we hit #4 on the SoundCloud Top 50 Alternative Rock list, just above Panic! At The Disco and just below Lil Peep, and THAT, my friends, is going straight into the next press release, 100%.
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23rd of November 2018 08:39 PM
Hey Quilter Labs one of our band cats is a huge fan of your boxes for the Pro Block 200 and she’s wondering if she can get a sponsorship?
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21st of November 2018 03:56 PM
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17th of November 2018 08:25 PM
folks folks folks.

Give the fascist Christian right an inch and of course they’ll take a round trip to the fucking moon. We’ve ushered to power a government that has already proven it will base policy decisions on a refusal to understand or empathize with anything they don’t understand.

I’m sure we are preaching to the choir here, but this is just insane.
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9th of November 2018 10:39 PM
anyway our photoshop got liked by @jannarden and retweeted by a former canadian idol judge and also reposted by @huffpostcanada so my friends we have truly hit the big leagues and also could someone please give us a bunch of money to record our album anyway the internet is weird have a nice day
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20th of October 2018 08:01 PM
tfw when you spend $220 to get your favourite blackstar guitar cabinet fixed and you lug it all the way back to the jam space for practice and you play it for about twelve seconds and then your marshall amp head dies and you have to lug IT to the repair shop now and then your bass player buys you ice cream to cheer you up and it totally works
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15th of October 2018 07:43 PM
:fire emoji:
15th of October 2018 03:30 AM
Heyyyyy the split is up on Spotify now! Check out our two new songs on the latest split from PCT Musique and you could win a hundred million dollars! No you can’t why do I keep saying this ugh

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12th of October 2018 08:53 PM
🎵I’ve got the Dead Speaker Cabinet Bluuuueeees🎵. “I Hate Men” is up near 14,000 listens on Spotify and we STILL have no roadies to wheel this thing to the repair shop for us. What even the heck
11th of October 2018 04:52 PM
OH GEEZ IMPORTANT REMINDER! This Monday! The DelRay Music Lounge hosts us and a bunch of other bands for only ten stinkin’ bux at the door, or $6 in advance!

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